Connect and Learn: An Opportunity to Gather and Grow for Early Childhood Mental Health Professionals

A Community of Practice identifies that knowledge and learning are important assets to a shared group of people. This program provides support and knowledge for ECMH clinicians and professionals through the collective learning process and eliciting skill enhancement needs unique to working with this population. The outcome of this session will be a shared experience in learning that will inform practices, create problem-solving strategies and develop individual and professional skills. 

No continuing education credit for psychologists.

Learning Objectives:

1. Discuss ECMH professionals’ collective learning experience throughout their professional careers and identify how the community of practice supports their knowledge and development.
2. Assess and list ECMH professionals’ skill enhancement needs unique to working with this population.
3. Develop problem-solving strategies that the community of practice can implement to enhance ECMH professionals’ individual and professional skills.


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