The Nebraska Resource Project for Vulnerable Young Children (NRPVYC) is part of UNL-Center on Children, Families and the Law (UNL-CCFL) and focuses on improving outcomes for maltreated young children in Nebraska. The NRPVYC works both at a systems level in partnership with other Nebraska organizations and on a local case level with court teams, state agencies, local organizations and local providers to address the needs of young children in their courts and on their caseloads. Systems issues include expanding and stabilizing evidence-based practices for young children like Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), increasing access to early intervention (EDN) services, supporting expansion of problem-solving and therapeutic court processes especially those involving young children, utilizing reflective practice for professionals, and increasing access to high quality child care. Case level issues focus on developmental needs, placements, the parent-child relationship, child care and medical care. The NRPVYC also provides training to caseworkers, attorneys, judges and others on evidence-based practices, identifying trauma in young children, representing young children and other issues. For more information, go to www.nebraskababies.com.