Lancaster County

Lancaster County Juvenile Court provides a specialized track for cases involving substance abuse allegations. This track provides the best practices in court and services for children and their families involved in Juvenile Court due to parental substance abuse. Early intervention and Child-Parent Psychotherapy for young children are key components of this track. The NRPVYC conducts evaluation of the family treatment drug court track and is partnering on a pilot project which provides Ice Breaker Meetings between the foster parent and biological parent soon after the child's removal


NRPVYC created What is Happening: Your First Visit to Douglas County Juvenile Court and What You Need to Know, a brochure for parents that is provided to them on the first day of court. The NRPVYC also conducted a Needs Assessment for a therapeutic track in the courtroom of Judge Elizabeth Crnkovich and is conducting evaluation on the therapeutic track, called FIRST Court. Our program also provides reflective consultation to court practitioners and gives support to Project Harmony's Impact from Infancy program, which provides case coordination for cases involving children aged five and under.

South Central Nebraska

The NRPVYC is providing support to the Hastings community to develop early childhood services, which includes Child-Parent Psychotherapy. Our staff is also working with court practitioners to ensure the child's needs are being properly addressed in early in the case. This is done through the use of trauma screens, Pre-Hearing Conferences, use of the Trauma brochure and assistance with referral to early childhood mental health services. The NRPVYC has also provided training and assistance in understanding trauma in children and in utilizing a trauma screen at the beginning of each case that will determine the need for further assessment.

Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) Training and Consultation

Child‑Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)is an evidence-based intervention for children under the age of 5 who have experienced trauma and is used to improve the relationship between parent and child. NRPVYC supports training and consultation of CPP therapists in Nebraska.

Nebraska Center on Reflective Practice

In 2016, the NRPVYC created the Nebraska Center on Reflective Practice.  This Center will focus on expanding the use of reflective practice - reflective supervision and reflective consultation - in Nebraska.  The NRPVYC is partnering with UNMC - Munroe Meyer, Nebraska Department of Education - Step Up to Quality and the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation (NCFF) on this project.

Learn more about Nebraska Center on Reflective Practice

Technical Assistance to Court Teams and Local Communities

The NRPVYC provides different levels of help to court teams, early childhood practitioners, court professionals and local communities. To find out more about types of help or to request help, visit our Request Help page.

Nebraska Young Child Institute

The NRPVYC partners with the Nebraska Early Development Network (EDN) and several other organizations to host the Nebraska Young Child Institute (NYCI).  With the inaugural NYCI held in 2016 in Kearney, the NYCI will be held every two years.  Go to for more information.  The NRPVYC develops and hosts the website and leads conference programming management.

Screening for Trauma in Children

Many children entering the child welfare system have experienced trauma.  Some children have protective factors that buffer the effects of trauma.  However, many are exposed to such severe or prolonged trauma that they have short and long-term serious physical and mental health consequences that need to be addressed.  Identifying trauma and appropriately responding is critical to ensure the child's well-being; therefore, all children who have been maltreated should be screened for trauma.  Screening for trauma will help identify children who require an immediate stabilization (e.g., suicidal), and to identify children for whom a complete trauma assessment by a qualified provider is needed.  The NRPVYC created The Path to Trauma Therapy brochure, which assists professionals in the steps from trauma screening to trauma treatment.  The NRPVYC also provides case consultation to professionals completing trauma screens and works with judges in the use of trauma screening in their courtrooms.