Past Court Infusion Projects

Past Court Infusion Projects

NRPVYC has been working with Nebraska juvenile courts since 2015 to address the needs of infants and toddlers, and support the professionals helping them. Past court infusion projects include:

Douglas County FIRST Court (2016-2019)

We provided initial development, evaluation, management support, and ongoing reflective consultation for the judge, attorneys and caseworkers in the Douglas County FIRST Court.

The Douglas County Family Involved Rehabilitation and Services Treatment (FIRST) Court was a therapeutic court process implemented by Judge Elizabeth Crnkovich to better address the needs of families through frequent court team meetings, specialized attorneys and caseworkers, and reflective consultation for court professionals.

Download FIRST Court Findings (PDF)

Children’s Board Books for Judges (2015-2021)

We provided free board books to any judge with juvenile court jurisdiction to distribute to children attending court hearings.

Furnas County (2019-2020)

We supported the Furnas County team led by Judge Anne Paine in building therapeutic practices in its juvenile cases. Specific activities included providing reflective practice training and consultation, and supporting the development of team meeting practices.

Icebreaker Meetings with Parents and Foster Parents (2015-2019)

We supported and evaluated the use of Icebreaker Meetings in Lancaster County juvenile court cases at the time of a child’s removal from the parental home.

Adams County Training (2015-2018)

We partnered with court professionals in Adams County to increase trauma screening of children in child welfare cases and increase capacity of early childhood mental health services in the area.