Reflective Practice Community of Practice

Reflective Practice Community of Practice

The Nebraska Center on Reflective Practice maintains a community of practice – a supportive network for individuals who have completed the Reflective Practice FAN Training Program.

Connect with Other FAN-trained Professionals in Nebraska

Our Community of Practice provides FAN Graduates with ongoing training and support beyond their completion of the Reflective Practice FAN training program.

Booster Trainings

Ongoing training to help FAN Graduates nurture and refine their reflective practice skills.

FAN Library

Online library of resources and literature on reflective practice.

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Connect with other Community of Practice members through a listserv.

FAN Training participants report wanting ongoing support of using the FAN as the training program ends.

Reflective practice is a practice by its very nature. Continued training and support is essential for practitioners to continue integrating reflective practice beyond the training program.