Nebraska Center on Reflective Practice

The Nebraska Center on Reflective Practice (NCRP) provides training, mentoring, consultation, and evaluation to individuals and organizations in need of Reflective Practice.

The human services workforce is engaged in work that is both rewarding and taxing. The emotionally intrusive nature of the work often leads to high rates of vicarious trauma, stress and burnout – all of which affect the quality of services provided by an organization. Reflective Practice assists in mitigating the effects of the emotionally intrusive nature of the work by helping individuals examine their current and past actions, emotions experiences and responses in order to evaluate their work performance and learn to improve in the future.

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NRPVYC has partnered with Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, Nebraska Department of Education and the University of Nebraska Medical Center – Munroe Meyer to expand Reflective Practice in Nebraska. Currently, five professionals (including two NRPVYC staff members) are undergoing a train-the-trainer program with the Erikson Institute’s Fussy Baby Network. This collaborative partnership is working to train individuals in the child welfare, early childhood education, early childhood childcare and early childhood mental health fields to infuse Reflective Practice into their organizations.

At the culmination of the training program, the Nebraska Center on Reflective Practice will provide a network of consultants and staff to facilitate reflective consultation within organizations and provide in-depth training, consultation, mentoring and model fidelity so organizations are able to implement Reflective Practice into their work.


Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action”.

Peter Drucker
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