Child-Parent Psychotherapy Work Reimbursement Program

Child-Parent Psychotherapy Work Reimbursement Program

The Nebraska Resource Project for Vulnerable Young Children (NRPVYC) is excited to announce a reimbursement program for services performed by CPP Clinicians.

About This Program

NRPVYC has managed the Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) clinical training program in Nebraska since 2009 and has trained over 200 CPP clinicians. It is recognized and appreciated that CPP is an intensive service requiring significant clinical time that is not fully reimbursable through insurance, which may lead to fewer CPP cases or referrals accepted.

To address this challenge, NRPVYC applied for and has been awarded ARPA federal funding through UNMC BHECN (Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska) to provide enhanced reimbursement to CPP clinicians for services performed between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2025 (or until available funds have been exhausted), that are not reimbursable by insurance or other funding opportunities.

NRPVYC will evaluate whether CPP capacity increases across Nebraska as a result. The short-term goal of this project is to increase CPP service capacity in Nebraska. The long-term goal of this project is to utilize findings from the evaluation to help inform systems changes in the reimbursement rules for CPP.

Who Can Request Reimbursement?

Any Nebraska licensed clinician who is fully trained in or being currently trained in CPP.

Reimbursement Eligibility (PDF)

How to Request Reimbursement for Services

Step 1: Complete form to setup to receive payment

Only do this step if it is your FIRST time submitting a CPP reimbursement. If this is not your first time submitting, skip to Step 2 below.

Complete the Supplier/Payee Registration form to setup to receive payment for services performed. Once you have completed this form, continue to Step 2 below for submitting a request for reimbursement.

Form - Supplier/Payee Registration

Step 2: Download and Complete Reimbursement Forms

To request reimbursement for services, CPP clinicians will must submit both of the following forms EACH TIME you submit a request:

  1. CPP Reimbursement Eligibility Request Form (PDF)
  2. UNL Visiting Personnel Form (PDF)

Please do not include your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number on your forms.

Step 3: Submit Reimbursement Forms

Submit both forms in Step 2 by email to Cassandra Roberts (

Instructions for completing and submitting the forms are included in the forms. Please read carefully and complete the forms in Step 2 accurately in order to effectively process your reimbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions we are asked most when submitting a request.

CPP Reimbursement FAQs (PDF)


For questions, please contact Cassandra Roberts at