Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Training

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Training

A 12-month intensive training program to enable clinicians in Nebraska and other states to work with caregivers and children ages 2 to 7 who exhibit disruptive and challenging behaviors. PCIT has been shown to reduce disruptive behavior, parental stress and child abuse.

How Does the PCIT Training Work?

  • 12-month intensive training program.
  • All components are mandatory to be rostered. There will be 2 learning sessions (Part 1 and Part 2) and 12 monthly virtual video calls. You will be completing two PCIT cases during the duration of the entire training program.
  • You will be rostered on the NRPVYC PCIT Provider Directory and the official IoWA-PCIT list when you complete the training.
  • You will move through the training in a cohort – together with a group of clinicians. You will complete Part 1 and 2 as a cohort. Monthly virtual video calls are group calls with your cohort and PCIT trainers.
  • Cohorts are small with a typical size of 10 clinicians.

Why get trained in PCIT with NRPVYC?

Our PCIT training is attachment-focused. We train using the IoWA-PCIT model of PCIT. The IoWA-PCIT model is a preferred treatment modality for young children who have other disorders with behavioral and/or attachment concerns. IoWA-PCIT integrates findings from attachment research into PCIT while maintaining the core defining features of PCIT. IoWA-PCIT makes observations and coaching towards the attachment relationship. This means we have added attachment assessment and assessment-based coaching to our PCIT training.


  • Clinicians licensed in the state of Nebraska: $1,500
  • Clinicians licensed in any other state: $4,000

The costs of this training include all the components. Applicants will be responsible for purchasing their own materials and paying for travel expenses.

Next PCIT Training Cohort

2024 Fall IoWA-PCIT Training

Date: September 23, 2024
Time: 9:00 AM CDT

Project Harmony - Omaha, NE

What You'll Learn

Part 1 -
Child-directed Interactions

In-Person/Virtual Training

5 days (30 hours)

You'll learn:

  • Attachment theory and working models of attachment
  • Child-directed interaction coaching
  • How to conduct PCIT assessment
  • How to setup of the rooms
  • Types of toys and earpiece to use

Part 2 -
Parent-directed Interactions

In-Person/Virtual Training

3 days (18 hours)

You'll learn:

  • Parent-directed interaction coaching
  • Time-out procedure
  • How to use time-out effectively
  • When time-out is appropriate

Complete Two PCIT Cases

Practical component to implement what you have learned in Part 1 and Part 2. You will start taking cases after you complete Part 1 of training. You are required to complete two PCIT cases during the 12 months of the training program. You will receive ongoing support through the monthly virtual video calls.

Monthly Virtual Cohort Video Calls

You are required to complete 12 monthly calls with PCIT trainers (1 call per month) to guide you through your cases.

  • Opportunity to get advice from PCIT trainers.
  • Get input from other peers in the group.

Is PCIT Training Right for Me?

Are you a Nebraska or out-of-state clinician? Do you work with or are interested in working with young children? Do you want to get trained in an evidence-based practice to help resolve behavioral issues in young children? Then, PCIT training is for you. You will learn step-by-step on how to treat children ages 2 to 7 with disruptive or challenging behaviors.

What Our PCIT Trainees Say

73% trainees agree or strongly agree that the training prepared them to provide PCIT after Part 1. After Part 2, this number increased to 100%.

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PCIT Training Informational Webinar

Free webinar to learn about our 12-month PCIT training process and how you will provide this evidence-based practice in your work. This webinar is intended for those who have a license to practice mental health.

There are currently no upcoming PCIT Training Informational Webinar. Please check back or join our email list to be notified.

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Meet Our PCIT Trainers

Early Childhood Mental Health Project Manager
Director of Mental Health Services
Project Harmony
Omaha Therapy and Arts Collaborative

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