History of the Expansion of Child-Parent Psychotherapy in Nebraska


In 2009, CCFL was awarded a SAMHSA grant to train, fund and promote Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) in Nebraska. Part of the Court Improvement Project at that time, the project was led by Jennie Cole-Mossman and Vicky Weisz. Mental health providers were trained in CPP, provided consultation, and paid for offering CPP to court-involved families. Since then, CPP has been substantially expanded in Nebraska. Two more cohorts of providers have been trained. Informally, our project has managed expansion of the CPP program in Nebraska, which has included the following:

  • Planning, coordinating and consulting with Dr. Joy Osofsky and University of San Francisco (lead training center)
  • Securing approval from Magellan/Medicaid for CPP to be a paid Medicaid service
  • Managing training registration and coordination
  • Ongoing consultation with Dr. Osofsky about national trends/research
  • Recruiting therapists for initial trainings
  • Consulting statewide about CPP issues
  • Maintaining Nebraska CPP providers for National CPP Registry
  • Hosting stakeholder trainings to promote CPP and infant mental health to attorneys, caseworkers, CASAs, judges and other providers.
  • Maintaining list of qualified providers
  • Creation of CPP brochure
  • Presenting Nebraska CPP practice at national conferences
  • Promotion of CPP in partner meetings (Rooted in Relationships, Early Childhood Interagency Coordinating Council, CoS statewide planning committee)
  • Promotion of CPP in local communities and courts (Family Treatment Drug Courts in Omaha and Lincoln, 10th and 11th Judicial Districts, Hastings, Winnebago)


In 2015, the CPP trainers in Nebraska (Jennie Cole-Mossman, Paula Ray, Mark Hald and Barb Jessing) formed a collaborative to create better consistency in practice. NRPVYC funded the development of a logo for the Nebraska Child Parent Psychotherapy Learning Collaborative. The collaborative is an association of the four CPP trainers that manages training, consultation, quality control and other areas collectively; however, there is no centralized, formal site that manages CPP.

Nebraska Child Prent Psychotherapy Learning Collaborative logo
2016 CPP Cohort
Nebraska Child Prent Psychotherapy Learning Collaborative logo
2015-2016 CPP cohort