Raising Resilience: Infusing Resilience Into our Work with Young Children (Fall Webinar Series 2019)

This is the fourth webinar of the 2019 Fall Webinar Series entitled Minding the Milestones: Development and Resilience in Young Children.

Handouts for this webinar can be found at www.nebraskababies.com/fallwebinarhandouts04

In our work with young children, we have many opportunities to build resilience.  Building solid relationships is one of key ways that parents, caregivers, and professionals can help children cope with stress in their lives while building a sense of mastery.  This webinar will discuss the basics of building resilience.  It will also give some practical ways to infuse this research into our caring for and working with children. 

Speaker: Sarah Dunham, LIMHP, LADC

Sarah Dunham is a therapist and owner of Bloom Counseling LLC.  She was previously the Clinical Director of Jenda Family Services for the past three years where she developed multiple different programs and providing supervision to their therapists.  Prior to that she was working as an Intensive Family Preservation therapist with Jenda working within the family home and with referral sources such as the Department of Health and Human Services and Juvenile Probation.  She worked as a Child and Family Services Specialist before being a licensed therapist conducting child safety assessments in the Initial Assessment Unit.  She has been trained in and has a wide variety of experience in early childhood trauma.  She is trained in Child Parent Psychotherapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Play Therapy.  

No certificates will be provided for this recorded webinar.