CPP Training Application Instructions

CPP Training Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in applying for CPP training. The application will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding to the application.

You will need to complete the application in one sitting. You will not be able to save your progress once you begin this application. Please make sure you have prepared all the required documents and answers to the questions below.


Out-of-state therapists must obtain permission from the Nebraska Child-Parent Psychotherapy Learning Collaborative, with approval from the National CPP Dissemination Team, to take this training in Nebraska.

Required Documents

A recommendation letter from your clinical supervisor, consultant, or other professional who can attest to your clinical skills as referenced in the NCTSN Clinical Competency Criteria.

  • File type: PDF
  • File name pattern: CPP-recommendation-letter-[insert your last name].pdf

Application Form Questions

The following questions are part of the application form that may require preparation to answer. Please review and have the answers ready when completing the application process since you will have to complete this application in one sitting.

CPP Implementation

  • Does your agency/organization have other CPP practitioners? (Yes/No).
    • If yes, who?
  • Describe your practice setting (group, agency, solo).
    • Are other practitioners in your setting trained in or in training for CPP? (Yes/No).
  • Does your agency/organization have a CPP Supervisor? (Yes/No).
    • If no, would your agency/organization be open to training a current Supervisor in CPP?
  • Who provides your clinical supervision?
    • Is your supervisor CPP trained and/or have other special training for working with children five and under?
    • Are they willing to conduct, and do they have experience conducting an initial diagnostic interview with a child five and under?
    • How many hours of clinical case-based supervision do you receive a week?
  • What support do you have from your agency or community in completing CPP training and taking CPP clients

Additional Info

  • It is recommended that you have a case ready to begin at initial training, or at least within 30-45 days of initial training. Do you have an existing referral source for CPP? Please describe.
  • Do you anticipate remaining in your place of practice during the next 18 months? (Yes/No). If no or unsure, please elaborate.

After You Apply

One of our staff will reach out to you via email with the next steps once we have reviewed your application.


Please contact Melissa Villarreal at mvillarreal4@unl.edu if you have questions.


Complete Application

By applying for this training, you are agreeing that you can fulfill all the responsibilities of this training program.